Water Damage & Restoration

A burst pipe inside or outside you home in the ceiling, bathroom or laundry can cause severe damage to your home or contents. When this happens it needs to be taken care of by professionals immediately.

The following factors outline why water damage needs to be handled quickly:

  • A building or contents can take weeks to dry out.
  • Water laying under a home can damage building foundations.
  • Electrical equipment and wiring can become dangerous.
  • Contents can deteriorate quickly and can cause mould growth.

What will Stainbsuters do

Stainbusters offers 24 hour water damage restoration to quickly respond to your water damage needs. Stainbusters will inspect the damages and are able to bill your insurance company direct.

The water damage restoration process includes:

  1. Prompt attendance by fully trained and certified personnel. (Through the IICRC – Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.)
  2. Itemised report &/or quotation rapidly provided, covering all drying restoration work required.
  3. Make all areas safe for insured or householders.
  4. Extraction of any standing water.
  5. Drying and restoration of furniture, furnishings, carpet, flooring and structure.
  6. Application of specialized deodorizer or sanitizers when needed.
  7. Final cleaning of any affected furniture or flooring once drying has been completed.

The biggest problems out there for water damage situations are the companies who don't dry properly. They dry the carpet but not the structure causing mould problems. Stainbusters use industry standard moisture metres and drying equipment, drying walls, ceilings, skirting, carpet, underlay, wood floor, contents, subfloors etc. No moisture = No mould.

So if you have a water disaster at your home or business call Stainbsuters NOW.


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