Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have you ever tried to get your tile and grout looking like it did when first laid.

At Stainbusters we know how hard it is to clean tile and grout by hand and offer a professional tile and grout cleaning service which will leave you hard floors looking fantastic.

Tile and Grout cleaning.

  1. Pre inspection and identification of all tiled areas. This is extremely important as the application of the incorrect cleaning product could leave you valuable tiled floors ruined. Stainbusters know from many years of experience what product to use on all types of tiled surfaces.
  2. Removal of furniture to other areas where required.
  3. Application of cleaning product.
  4. Aggitation of cleaning product using a rotary scrubber and a soft nylon brush. This aids in the breaking down of built up soil deposits and gives a far better end result to the final clean.
  5. Allowing of dwell time to let the cleaning product do its job to the highest level.
  6. High pressure cleaning using hot water and extraction of soil and deposits from the tile surface and grout lines.
  7. Special care is taken to see that the area of tile next to the walls is hand cleaned if necessary, making sure there are no soiled lines around edges of the rooms cleaned.
  8. Installation of drying equipment to speed up drying of tiled surfaces when requested.

Application of a Tile and Grout sealer.

Tile and grout sealers can be a great tool in aiding to help reduce re soiling of recently cleaned tile and grout.

They are especially good in sealing, Terracotta, Slate, Marble and Porcelain surfaces.

Talk to our trained technician who can discuss you tile and grout sealing requirements.

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