Specialized Odour Control

Stainbusters Ipswich & Lockyer Valley are the first people to call when you have that little accident with a puppy or an ongoing odour problem.

Stainbsuters Ipswich & Lockyer Valley are IICRC trained professionals in odour control and carry a range of specialized products to be able to treat or remove troublesome odours such as

  • Urine
  • Feaces
  • General pet odors
  • Cigarette smoke odors

All of these types of odours require treatment with products especially designed to remove the odour.

Did you know that once an odour is registered in your brain through you olfactory glands, unless this odour is completely removed you will register it every time you are in that specific area?

Take special note if a carpet cleaner tells you he will remove a pet odour such as urine in your carpet by just steam cleaning; they are taking you money under false pretences as this will do nothing to remove the source of the problem.

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