Lounge & Upholstery Cleaning

Stainbusters Ipswich & Lockyer Valley offer a superior upholstery cleaning and protection service. Once you lounge suite or other upholstery has been professionally cleaned by Stainbusters Ipswich & Lockyer Valley you may wish to consider application of a protector to help reduce the degree of soiling from day to day use.

Why more and more people are choosing to have carpets and upholstery protected.

  • Advancement in protector technology has led to a far wider acceptance of these products. Most people would have heard about protectors in one form or another.
  • Their carpets and upholstery will look cleaner longer and it will be all because of you.

Can all the professionals be wrong?

The majority of carpets sold, especially nylon comes out of the carpet mills with some sort of protector on it

  • Carpet Mills know it works
  • Fibre producers know it works
  • The protector manufacturers know it works
  • Thousands of Stainbusters customers know it works


If the upholstery is already protected and it is starting to wear, you can do a top up treatment. Did you know that when you bought your lounge suite it may have come with a protector on it? Over time, this protector can wear off due to traffic and general wear. We can re-apply the protector to these affected areas to maintain the life of your upholstery.

Benefits of application of protectors

Surface Tension:

When a protector is applied to upholstery fibre, it creates increased surface tension so that any liquid that is spilt on it will find it hard to penetrate the surface of the fibre. If spills can't penetrate the fibre they simply bead up on the fabric, they are easier to clean up and lessen the chance of staining.

Coating Mechanism:

The penetration ability of carpet and upholstery protectors enables them to coat the entire fibre easily. So, even if a spill happens from high above the carpet (eg. From a table or bench top), it can move down towards the base of the carpet, but the fibre is still protected. Clean up is still so easy.

Benefit 1: Carpets/Fabrics will look newer and stay cleaner longer

If spills and soil can’t penetrate the fibre, fabrics and carpet will look cleaner longer. This is a great benefit considering the large investment people make in carpeting their homes.

Benefit 2: Carpets Last Longer

Soiling can cause premature wear to carpets. Traffic Lane areas can ‘ugly out’ and cannot be effectively cleaned any more. Carpets are therefore replaced long before they are due which is a costly exercise. Using carpet and upholstery protector combined with proper maintenance of the carpet (regular vacuuming) can prevent this from occurring.

Benefit 3: Carpet Cleans Better

Dry vacuuming by the customer will be much more effective and easier, as is spot cleaning. You will also achieve excellent cleaning results when next time you clean your customer’s carpets.

Benefit 4: Spotting Easier

The application of carpet and upholstery protectors gives the customer time to attend to the stain before permanent damage may occur.

Stain Removal Procedure

  1. Carefully blot away any liquid or scrape away any solids remaining (without damaging the carpet)
  2. Apply Bridgepoint Avenge directly to the spot. Blot away with a clean white towel or nappy. Repeat
    as necessary.
  3. For upholstery, apply Bridgepoint Avenge to a nappy and then blot.

If the stain persists:

Contact Stainbusters for free no-charge spotting advice.


  • Normal general soiling from everyday use
  • Carpet used in rental properties or commercial areas
  • Stains caused by bleach, dyes, abuse, neglect, vandalism, floods, fires, acne medicine and inks
  • Stains of repetitive nature, for example from pets

Fibre Identification

It is important to be able to identify fibres to determine the cleaning characteristics of that particular fibre. You are therefore able to choose the best cleaning product to get the best cleaning result as well. Understanding the characteristics of fibres will also help you to decide whether or not protection will be worthwhile if applied to your customers upholstery or carpets.

Please note: Applying protection to a polypropylene fibre is not recommended as polypropylene is not an absorptive fibre (it floats in water). A fibre should be absorptive for protection to be of any benefit.

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